Professor Grethe Myklebust

Sports Physiotherapist, Oslo Sport Trauma Research Centre, Norway

ACL injury Prevention in Elite Handball Players

We are delighted to introduce our next speaker Grethe Myklebust PT, PhD a professor at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centrein Oslo, Norway. Grethe has served as team PT for the female national teams in handball, soccer and the national teams in beach volleyball for twenty years. She has also worked as PT at the Olympic games in Seoul in 1988 and Sydney in 2000. She has 30 years clinical experience in sports clinics, latest at the Norwegian Olympic Centre. She is the past vice president of the Norwegian Society of Sports Physiotherapy, and has also been a member of the Medical Commission in the International Handball Federation (IHF) for two years. Grethes main research area is related to handball and soccer injuries, especially shoulder, knee-and ankle injuries, and injury prevention.In her presentation Grethe is going to cover ACL injury prevention in Elite handball players.

11:00 - 11:30

Saturday ~ 14th Nov ~ DAY 1 Session 1: Knee

ACL Injury Prevention in Elite Handball Players

Oslo Sport Trauma Research Centre, Norway